Do you want to bring the delicious smoked flavors of barbeque grilled food evenly to your balcony or porch with style? With a unique design that unites cultures during uncertain times, the BBQ&co Grill makes this possible.
While the pandemic taught us a lot about keeping ourselves entertained indoors using our digital devices, it can also lead to boredom when we stare at the screen all day. The idea of casual leisure in the comforts of your home is not just about scrolling through social media feeds or DIY projects. It is also about reviving outdoor recreation with ease. SEIKI DESIGN STUDIO is a Kyoto-based product and design studio whose refreshing barbeque grill design is an example of the new lifestyle that COVID-19 has prompted.
The project’s designer, Seiki Ishii, carefully studied the city dynamics without compromising the quality of rotisserie or churrasco steaks, nor the freshness of salmon sushi from the market. The result is a compact and elegant BBQ grill that combines Brazilian and Spanish BBQ grilling styles. The chimney is the dominant feature, with wood burning in it. This creates a constant flame for evenly cooking delicacies.

bbq grill
The primary focus of Seiki’s BBQ grill design is the relationship between host and guest. This means that the cook can have a conversation with their guest while still concentrating on the perfect grilling. The BBQ&co Grill is a minimalist barbeque grill that can be customized to suit your cooking needs. This wood-fired grill’s main feature is continuous cooking. It is also characterized by an ultra-modern design that is perfect for urban living.


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